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A New Era of Cyber Security

Cybercriminals who target fund managers are becoming smarter, more aggressive and more ambitious.

Despite this, more than half of US investment managers don’t test their IT for weak spots, while a quarter do not regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their defense systems, according to a survey conducted  by the US Securities Exchange Commission in May 2019

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How Tech-Savvy Asset Managers are Managing Liquidity

Monitoring liquidity is a burdensome task undertaken at most financial firms. But advances in cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence are making the process increasingly real-time and precise.

The hope is that technology will transform decades’ old and siloed liquidity systems into a single, sleek, fully-automated platform with a strong arsenal of statistical analytics for liquidity monitoring and risk management.

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Asset Managers are Hunting for Unique Data to Get an Edge – Is it Worth It?

By 2020, it's estimated that 4.4 terabytes of data will be generated each month for every human on earth. From cell phone calls to social media, credit card purchases to satellite images, the human race is creating data at an unprecedented rate.

In every sector of society, from space travel to healthcare, corporations are scrambling to make sense of the vast amounts of data being created, and figuring out new ways to use them for boosting their business. Financial markets are no different.

In asset management, this data goes far beyond the kinds of information traditionally used by investment managers in day-to-day operations, such as market data from exchanges, regulatory filings, and earnings reports.

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How to build low-code applications in a day?


Want to build your very own app without writing code? In the digital age, having on-demand applications at your fingertips is a key driver towards more integrated and streamlined business workflows.

UB Technology Innovations, in association with Microsoft invites you to join the App in a Day (AIAD) workshop where you will build applications in just one day.

The one-day workshop is to enable you to gain expertise in PowerApps, the Microsoft Business Application Platform, and Flow,  the Microsoft tool to automate repetitive tasks, to boost personal and business productivity and efficiency.

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Ethical Algorithms for Green Investing


Could the technology behind Siri help funds invest more sustainably?

Under the specter of climate change, investors are putting pressure on asset managers to invest more ethically.

A recent study by McKinsey & Company puts assets that consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in portfolio selection and management at $88 trillion globally. And it’s not Millennials driving the trend. Investors across all age demographics are expressing a desire to invest ethically and reflect greener values.

In the past, sustainable investing might have looked like a sizable exposure to “green bonds” or nixing investments in oil pipelines, but now, the mandate is much broader.  In today’s digital world, asset managers are trying to be more tech savvy about how to invest in sustainable companies without sacrificing potential returns. 

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How to jump-start your firm’s analytics journey in just one day?


Do you think your firm is too late to kick-start its analytics journey?


Your firm is already using BI and analytics to a limited extent, but facing delay in achieving the desired outcome due to inconsistencies in data structure and format across disparate systems?


Are you envisioning a number of charts and visuals that could potentially uncover valuable business insights, but lacking technical assistance to bring those visuals to life?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!!

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Why Asset Managers are Migrating to Cloud Data Warehousing


Cloud data warehousing is more than just a buzz word. It is the underpinning of a giant technological shift in the way all kinds of firms store, process, and analyze the ever-growing amounts of data critical to their business.

Capital markets firms have traditionally been slow to move, but outside finance, momentum is building. Here at UBTI, we have seen firsthand the surge in asset managers that want to store their data in the cloud instead of on-premise.  

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3 pre-requisites for data management in asset management firms

Asset managers make critical data-driven decisions on every business day, unlike other industries where such decisions are made relatively less frequently.

In the case of asset management firms, when there is a change in the rating of a security, it has greater implications on its price, which requires the attention of the asset managers. This is one such example reflecting the criticality of data in asset management firms from the day-to-day operations perspective.

In our experience, serving asset management firms, we have come across many such scenarios, including monitoring and maintenance of percentage of asset allocation in portfolios, clients’ investment preferences, benchmarking performance, tracking corporate actions, maturity of bonds, expiry of futures and options, calculation of NAVs, abnormal dynamics in the price of securities, etc. All these scenarios demand instant monitoring and notifications, and timely decisions from the asset managers.

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Top Fintech Trends for Asset Managers in 2019

Automobiles, healthcare, entertainment, personal banking… it seems every sector in the world is undergoing rapid disruption at the hands of technology. Financial services, though often slower to adapt than Silicon Valley, is no different. A growing base of Millennials investors is forcing firms to rethink everything from portfolio construction to digital customer support.

Here’s a look at the top three fintech trends to keep an eye on this year.

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Setting Up Data Integration for Asset Management Firms

Having a centralized data repository (CDR) fitted with a data quality business rules engine sets asset management firms on the path to better data management. The next step is to integrate the data between the source and target systems via the CDR. This step would result in time and money savings, reduction in user tickets and faster issue resolution (if any).

For asset management firms, the source and target systems primarily include the:

  • Third-party data feeds
  • Order management system
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Accounting system
  • Compliance solutions
  • Reporting systems
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