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Ethical Algorithms for Green Investing


Could the technology behind Siri help funds invest more sustainably?

Under the specter of climate change, investors are putting pressure on asset managers to invest more ethically.

A recent study by McKinsey & Company puts assets that consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in portfolio selection and management at $88 trillion globally. And it’s not Millennials driving the trend. Investors across all age demographics are expressing a desire to invest ethically and reflect greener values.

In the past, sustainable investing might have looked like a sizable exposure to “green bonds” or nixing investments in oil pipelines, but now, the mandate is much broader.  In today’s digital world, asset managers are trying to be more tech savvy about how to invest in sustainable companies without sacrificing potential returns. 

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Are robots taking over asset management?

Don’t believe the hype. Asset managers aren’t under the control of artificial intelligence (yet). But many shops currently engaged in "data science" programs are motivated by the same fear; that every other manager out there is secretly building the next-generation of robot, capable of making faster, more accurate predictions about the market than any human.

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